10 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

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Everyone loves to enjoy in the sun. Sunbathing is considered to be very relaxing activity or pastime but at the same time it can turn out to be very painful. Sunburns can be caused if people engage themselves in excessive exposure to the sun. Sun exposure for a very long time can cause skin cancer and therefore it is very important for people to try out the 10 ways to prevent skin cancer. The ways that can be implemented in preventing skin cancer are as follows.

1. Avoid UV rays of sun

Avoid UV rays of sun

It is important to look for shade while doing any activity in the sun. The sun should be avoided by all means because staying for more than ten minutes in the sun can cause sunburn in many countries.

2. Use a hat

Use a hat

Caps should not be worn to avoid the sun because they only provide shade to the forehead. The face and the neck are the common areas that can get sun burnt and therefore it is important to use a hat that is long and wide so that it can provide shade to the face and the shoulders.

3. Use sunscreen lotion

Use sunscreen lotion

A sunscreen lotion should be used on the entire body so that the lotion can protect the body from the harmful rays of the sun. The ears should also be protected from the sun by the use of sunscreen lotion.

4. Take care of the clothing

skin care clothing

Proper clothing should be used for protection from the sun. The skin should be covered up with clothes and short skirts, shorts and tank tops should be avoided. Clothes with long sleeves should always be chosen in order to get protection from the rays of the sun.

5. Know family history

Genes also play a main role in the development of different forms of cancer including skin cancer. It is usually genetic predisposition that causes five to ten percent of cancers in people. Therefore it is very important for people to remain aware of their family history so that proper care is taken to avoid any health issues in future.

6. Take whole foods

Take whole foods

Whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains should be taken in the diet because they do not trigger the causes of skin cancer.

7. Avoid processed foods

Avoid processed foods

Processed food should be avoided completely along with corn syrup, cereals and sugar that contain chemical ingredients that can have long term effects on the skin.

8. Take vitamin D

Take vitamin D

It is very important to avoid the sun in order to prevent skin cancer but at the same time it is important for people to take in a lot of vitamin D because of the fact that the sun is the main source of vitamin D and inability to get proper sun exposure has to be complimented with the intake of food that is rich in vitamin D.

9. Take coffee

Take coffee

Coffee helps in reducing the chances of developing skin cancer because it works as an antioxidant and protects the skin from any kind of infections and diseases.

10. Self examination

It is very important to examine the skin on a regular basis so that any changes in the conditions of the skin can be reported directly to the doctor. These are the 10 ways to prevent skin cancer that can be used effectively.

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