5 Bogus Myths About Latina Skin Care

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There are thousands of people throughout the world who are of the view that Latinas have similar physical features such as curly and dark hair, brown skin and a curvy body. In this context the 5 bogus myths about Latina skin care have been discussed and a study of these myths would help in leading people to the reality that would help in getting gorgeous and healthy skin.

1. Optional use of sunscreen for Latinas

It is very true that women who possess fair skin get burnt by the sun very easily in comparison to women with dark skin but this does not mean that Latinas may use the sunscreen optionally because of the melanin content in their body. This is one myth that has to be understood. Latinas may vary in skin color which might be dark, fair or a color that falls between these two complexions. This does not mean that the melanin content of the women with dark skin might lead to immunity to the rays of the sun. Therefore it can be said that sun exposure that is unprotected is not recommended for anybody including the Latinas.

Latina Skin Care

2. No worries of development of skin cancer

This is completely false. Latinas are excessively found to develop cancer is the scalp, neck, head and lips but various types of cancer in Latinas are left undiagnosed or diagnosed at a very late stage.

3. Latinas tackle hyperpigmentation

This is a myth that is very true is some women. Latinas who have dark skin are said to tackle the problem of hyperpigmentation because of the dark color of their skin. It has been proven through studies that people who possess dark features such as the eye and the hair are likely to deal with hyperpigmentation. The armpits, the knees and the elbows are some of the common places where hyperpigmentation can appear.

Latina Skin Care

4. Latinas are not prone to wrinkles

This is not true because anybody who is not in the habit of taking proper care for his or her skin might get wrinkles because of skin damage due to the rays of the sun. However, through studies it has also been found that people with darker skin go through less photo damage of the skin meaning their skin is thick and because of this they are not prone to wrinkles and lines on the skin.

5. Lasers do not work for Latinas

The advancement that has taken place in technology states that any kind of laser treatment can work for the people with dark skin but previously it was found that there are only certain typical laser treatments that can work for people with darker skin. This is one of the most bogus of all the bogus myths about Latina skin care because laser treatment can turn out to be dangerous for any skin type if proper protection and care for the skin is not taken prior to the treatment.

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