5 Simple Steps to Healthier, Happier Skin

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People of all ages wish to have the most glowing and healthy skin. There are several ways which when followed could help them to keep themselves and their skin healthy. This can be possible only when some of the popular yet simple steps to healthier, happier skin are implemented on a daily basis.

Check your water

Depending on the water quality it is essential to tailor the skin care products which are used on a daily basis. In case the water is soft it would not be able to remove the soap easily. This would leave a residue on the skin which is why it is advised to minimise the usage of both the face and body cleansers. On the contrary if it is hard water, it would not allow the washers to lather with ease. This would certainly prompt people to use more cleansers leading to dryness. In this scenario it would be wise to use the gentle non-soap formulas.

Consume more green tea

Green tea is considered to be great for skin care, especially for the people with red or blotchy tone. Regarded as one of the key simple steps to a healthier and happier skin, it comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Having an iced green tea is much better than having it hot. It also contains epigallocatechin gallate which helps in preventing the collagen destruction that usually is the cause of wrinkles along with DNA damage due to the sun.

Simple Steps to Healthier

Check your stress levels

Stress not only damages your entire mental state but can take a toll on the skin as well. There have been studies that indicated the possibility of acne to increase when people (especially young students) are under pressure. The simple reason to this development is the excessive production of hormones such as the cortisol that makes skin much oilier. It thus decreases its ability for fighting acne-causing bacteria. Therefore one of the simple steps to healthier, happier skin is to remain stress free.

Limit exposure to Sun

UVA rays are known to penetrate the windows of our homes and offices which lead to appearance of brown spots. This is equally applicable for our skin as well. Exposure to sun for a longer period of time can even lead to skin cancers. Therefore, besides limiting the level of sun exposure people need to use moisturizers having SPF in it.

Restrict your dairy intake levels

As per research from various health experts it has been revealed that the teenage girls consuming a high proportion of milk are prone to develop acne in comparison to the ones taking lower volumes. This fact is true among adult women as well. To top that, skim milk is considered to be among the worst offenders which on many occasions lead to serious breakouts. Although scientists have no such evidence as why milk could be the reason behind acne but it is believed that natural hormones present in the dairy could be the possible reasons.

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