5 Ways to Banish Oily Skin

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Just like a plant needs sufficient amount of water for its flowers to bloom, so does our skin. Sufficient amounts of oil are required by our skin too, to stay protected as well as to glow. But excess of oil production in the sebaceous glands leads to clogging of pores and the most unwanted, undesirable effect- the acne! An oily skin makes you look shiny whenever you don’t want that extra shine and is equally culpable of making your face look like a fried bun booming with excess grease and this takes away the natural charm that your skin possesses. Let’s go through the 5 ways to banish that oily skin.

1. Schedule a Wash

An oily skin gets greasier either due to too much wash or due to not so much of it as required. Drying of the skin is a direct outcome of too much washing; the consequence is excess production of facial oils to compensate the dearth of it while not washing it adequately leads to the accumulation of excess oil. After waking up and before going to bed are the two ideal times when you can conveniently schedule your face wash.

2. Tame the Water’s Temperature

No doubt that hot water opens up your pores, enabling the clearing out process for the excess oils. However, it dries the skin harshly and also irritates the acne prone skin. Ensure that you splash ice cold water to the just hot-water washed face to seal the pores. Alternatively, you may use tepid water to wash your face to maintain the skin’s temperature and its properties.

 3. Tame the Water’s Temperature

Most often facial skin differs from that of the rest of the body in terms of sensitivity. Hence, it is not necessary that the soap bar that you use to clean your body will necessarily work well for your facial skin, too. Certain soaps can dry out your skin too much, instigating your face to secrete more oil while some others have chemicals that clog pores, creating more oil as well. Choose a facial soap that is made specifically for oily skin.

 4. Avoid Too Many Washes

Oily and sensitive skin does require a wash, but too much of it can damage the sebum – your skin’s oil- which is required to lubricate and protect your skin. If you can’t wait till the next wash, just kiss your face gently with slight water and very less soap to avoid disturbing the natural skin balances. Manuka honey or just plain raw honey is a natural non-chemical, non-drying product that is highly recommended.

5. Prefer Oil over Conventional Moisturizers

Applying oil on an oily face? Sounds weird but true. Let’s get the facts cleared. Your face needs oil for two reasons.

  1. Tricking your skin into assuming that it already has enough and hence stopping it from overproducing.
  1. Mixing it with toughened sebum in the pores and dissolving it, which will allow blackheads to vanish for good.

Again, as oil won’t mix with water, it won’t get into your pores and clog them. Jojoba oil is recommended for an oily skin.

Having taken care of all the above factors, there is one highly essential thing that we all need to follow – irrespective of our skin type. That is our diet and lifestyle. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and limiting dairy in your diet can influence the oil production. Lower your stress levels; smile more at the sun and sleep peacefully.

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