Different Types of Natural Skin Care

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Natural skin care products are derived from using botanically formed  ingredients and substances currently existing in nature, without using chemicals, and constructed in such a way so as to preserve the purity of the ingredients.

People who use natural skin care products “manufacture” their own products and recipes at home. As the popularity of natural and homemade and skin care products rises among the masses, so is its usage in various skin care salons and spas. Natural skin care can be of many types:

  1. Ayurvedic skin care: It advices to change one’s diet, lifestyle, exercise and supplements.
  2. Egg oil skin care: It’s mainly used for the treatment of hair.
  3. Honey skin care: Because of its ability to retain moisture, it’s mainly used as a skin care product against the sun.
  4. Shea butter skin care: Better known as a cosmetic agent, it is extensively used in moisturizers and other such products.
  5. Jojoba skin care: It’s effective as a moisturizer and a natural soothing agent.
  6. Algae skin care: It helps to emulsify oil, so that the skin doesn’t become too oily.

Different Types of Natural Skin Care

Some of the natural skin care tips

  1. Giving a whole body exfoliation: Before going to the shower in the morning, exfoliation can be performed with a soft bristle brush. It eradicates skin cells which are dead, and helps in allowing the skin to detoxify. It also helps to improve blood circulation and lymph and in the meantime helps to reduce puffiness. An advantage of the process is that it helps in calming the nervous system.
  2. Increasing the digestion power: The saying goes that good skin is a reflection of a good digestive system. But to maintain such a skin, one has to intake lot of water and fiber. Water bathes cells and hepls in eliminating waste products, which results in preventing constipation. And to maintain good fiber content in one’s body, one has to increase their daily intake of rice, fruits, dates and legumes, and flaxseeds. It helps in reducing obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.
  3. Being active: The best thing one can do for their skin and overall health in general is to get active in their daily work. Inactivity may result in puffiness, cellulite, acne etc. If the work involves sitting in a desk for several hours, they should get active by taking short intervals during work, and taking a walk around the floor. One can also avoid inactivity by booking massage therapy sessions or by going to the gym afterwards.
  4. Avoiding excess sugar: Intake of excess sugar is regarded to be one of the most essential reasons for early aging. By entering the bloodstream, the glucose (containg sugar molecule) damages the protein molecule by hanging on to it. So one should avoid junk foods containing high sugar level as much as possible.
  5. Good fats intake:Fatty acids are important for our body. It helps to keep our heart healthy and fight inflammation (such as acne and eczema). It also reduces the chance of getting cancer.

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