Facial Skin Care

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Skin is the largest organ of the body the most exposed part being the face. It is the face that gets prone to the pollutants in the environment. Also, the facial skin is very delicate compared to the other parts of the skin. It also has a different texture and needs to be treated with utmost care. Wrong applications of skin care products that are usually done in the pursuit of enhanced beauty could actually damage the skin scarring part of face as the chemicals may not suit the skin type. Here are some tips to be observed for facial skin care.

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 Understand Your Skin

Taking care of anything even our facial skin, needs complete understanding of its type like oily, dry, normal and sensitive. Again, it is not necessary that the skin type will remain the same throughout. Younger people have more normal skin which changes as they grow old. To pamper your skin, first and foremost choose products that are intended for your skin type. Oily skin will not have the same concerns and needs as dry skin.

Be Delicate to Fragile Features

Your face is not a uniform slate but has various contours like near the eyes, lips, et al that have a fine and fragile skin. These areas command special attention and deserve to be well understood. Ensure that the makeup around the eyes is removed carefully as the skin here is ten times finer than the rest. Moisturize the lips as and when needed and take special to remove the lipstick.

 Moisturize Skin Regularly

A regularly moisturized skin has a good balance of water level within it. Many natural oils act as best moisturizing agents. When buying, read the label and ensure that you get the purest of the oils possible. Oils rich in vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter and our very own olive oil – all work great for various skin types. With highly sensitive skin types, flaking can occur. So first try on a small skin area and then apply on face. Petroleum jelly, though not a moisturizer works well in wintry place.

Exfoliating is Indispensable

Exfoliation is the elimination of the dead old skin cells on the outermost surface. With no exfoliation, the dead cells stay longer on the skin affecting its health. Exfoliation treatment must be done once or twice in a week. Try exfoliating when taking bath and then splash your face with a little cold water as it tightens the skin. Whole milk, due to its lactic acid, works great at getting rid of old skin. Pour it into a hot bath. Get out in 20 minutes as it can be very drying and then moisturize.

Handle External Harsh Agents

Smoke (from vehicles), stress (from lifestyle) and the Sun (UV rays)… all these are known to harm skin. Cover your facial skin with a kerchief to stop pollutants before leaving the house. Have proper stress management plans to manage your stress levels. Lastly, use the right sunscreen lotion to protect your skin’ from the harsh rays of the sun. And don’t forget to cleanse your skin meticulously when you are back home in the evening.

Never sleep with your makeup on for that is sure to be a budding house of bacteria very soon. Wash makeup brushes on a daily basis with lukewarm water along with baby shampoo, then gently dry with clean cloth. Inculcate facial skin care on a daily basis to reclaim your healthy skin.

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