Follow a Proper Regimen for Skin Care in Summers

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Skin care in summers is regarded as an integral element in the daily routine. As it is that the skin is exposed to greater heat during the summers besides the excessive oiliness of skin and pollution in the atmosphere, the skin needs a special care and protection regimen.

Do not wash face with soap or bar

The most heard among the complaints during the summers is that the skin becomes oilier. People often go for soaps and bars so as to prevent the excessive oiliness. Soaps and bars are made with an alkaline base and rubbing these on face strips off the facial skin of all its watery content and natural oils. It dehydrates the skin to a great extent. The skin, when dehydrated, secretes more oil causing it to become oilier. Rubbing soap on the facial skin can also result in breakouts because the dead and dehydrated cells often settle deep into the pores clogging the facial skin.

Apply sunscreens before stepping out

The first important part of skin care in summers is applying sunscreen. While the ultraviolet rays are there throughout the year, they become more severe and acute during the summers. The rays not only damage the skin but also darken the tone. Sunscreens should be applied thirty minutes before stepping out in the sun. If it requires staying out for longer hours, it should be applied every three hours during the day. Sunscreens contain UV guarding elements. However, the sun protection factor required on the sunscreen differs for different places.

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Sooth sunburn with yoghurt

Sun burns are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. While applying sunscreens reduces the effect of the scorching sun, they do not completely nullify the effects. So, constant exposures, even with sunscreens on, may cause sun burns. People, in general, apply lotions that have a mint base or Aloe Vera base in order to keep the skin moist. This does more harm than good. Applying lotions on the sunburnt skin traps in more heat in the area and keeps the skin sensitive and red for a longer period. Instead, yoghurt can be applied on sunburns as it not only keeps the area cool but also acts as an anti-inflammatory element. Yoghurt should be applied on the affected area, kept for fifteen minutes and washed off. This should be repeated every hour.

Use skin lighteners

Skin that is more prone to blemishes, brown spots, and hyper pigmentation, becomes more sensitive during the summers. The spots are caused more by the heat emitted by the UV rays rather than that by the sun. For skin care in summers, a skin lightener can be used to check the melanin activity of the skin and prevent it from getting pigmented.

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