How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

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As the summer begins we all get ready to slough those extra wear and gear up to don less of clothing. This again comes with a catch – exposure of skin to the harsh rays of the scorching sun. How can we be friends with the blazing sun and see to it that the lovely sun actually kisses and not penetrates our skin? Here are a few simple and easily adaptable tips on how to get your skin ready for summer.

Exfoliate for Clearer and Smoother Skin


Exfoliation eliminates dead, blunting skin debris and prevents congestion, as well as improves hydration from moisturizers and toners. Exfoliate in the morning hours before applying toner, SPF, make-up or moisturizer. This simple step helps your make-up last longer on the exfoliated skin! After exfoliating, dab a hydrating body cream so that the moisture is sealed. Remember to protect the just exfoliated skin with an SPF.

Keep Skin Hydrated


Up your routine’s hydration level with intensive masques. Do this for at least once or twice a week. Boosters work as a great fit, functioning best when coated underneath a moisturizer. Toners work to balance out skin porosity and act as refreshing moisturizer prep. Use a revitalizing toner spritz as a refresh anywhere, everywhere – at your desk, at the gym, in the car, on the plane.

Water, Your Best Friend


Soaring temperatures compounded with bonus time outdoors are sure to make you internally dehydrated. This can lead to severe headaches and dizzy spells! To prevent this condition, have eight 8-ounce glasses of pure, filtered water every day do preserve critical moisture balance of skin and the body, assisting in detoxification. If you are used to drinking caffeinated beverages, ensure that you triple the quantity of water you drink.

Soothe Over-exposed Skin


What if you forget to apply the sunscreen, or don’t apply enough, or get caught in a sunny hex. That means the damage has been done; hey but don’t panic! There are some super-soothing cooling gels and green skincare products that can help avert peeling of skin and lessen redness and inflammation. Application of cooling balms generously on the over-exposed parts of skin at the first sign of a pink glow would control further damage.

Repair and Treat Skin Damage


Skin damage has its roots in the UV light that furthers photo aging in the way of brown spots, wrinkles and coarse skin, irrespective of whether you got your skin burned or not. As sunlight interacts with the skin, an avalanche of impairments results (together with the peeling off of barrier lipids) triggering inflammation, creation of reactive oxygen molecules which affect healthy cell growth, and a spur of collagen destructing enzymes. A tan might be taken for a popular summer look; however, it points to damage. Harness your skin through age-fighting ingredients that will help undo the damage that is to come, and protect it further from the aging effects of UV.

Start having lots of water after and apply and reapply layers and layers of moisturizer along with the regime of exfoliation embedded into your weekly schedule. Now you are perfectly ready to say a very big and smiling ‘Good Morning’ to the handsome and orange sun!

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