Know About the Worst Foods for Your Skin

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While a certain group of foods and drinks are good for health, there is another group of food that can have adverse effects on the skin. The worst foods for your skin are probably those that you love to eat the most. Avoiding such foods helps the skin retain the youth and glow for long.


upcakes, pasta

Certain snacks are really bad for skin. Nutritionists and dermatologists all over have recently reviewed the link between food and skin and say that snacks affect the health adversely and also have an adverse effect on the skin. They strictly recommend against the intake of high glycemic diet. Taking high quantities of sugar and sweetened foods such as soda, agave nectar, honey, and raisins or simply carbs like cupcakes, pasta, and bagels can affect the blood sugar levels. This in turn affects the health of the person not just from inside but from outside as well. Sugary foods can cause or aggravate pimples and acne.


salty diet

The most common skin problem encountered by people who take excessively salty diet is sagging of the under eye area. Foods that have excess salt are worst for your skin. The reason is simple enough as salt causes the body to retain water that in turn causes swelling. The most affected of the areas on the skin is the area around the eyes giving a puffy look. It is not just the pretzels and chips that contain high amounts of salt. A number of processed foods contain sodium as a hidden ingredient. These foods are generally marketed as “low fat” which should be avoided.

Heated meat

Heated meat

When meat is heated to high temperatures, it initiates a chemical reaction between proteins and fats that form compounds which are harmful for the skin. These compounds have relation with inflammation and oxidative stress which can make the skin appear duller and lack luster. They make the skin appear wrinkly. These compounds are present in potato chips, French fries, deep-fried meat and foods which are cooked in oil at very high temperatures.



While this is one of the most loved of all foods, it is the worst food for your skin. However, there had been a misconception prevailing for long according to which chocolate was held as causing acne and pimples. This is far from the truth. However, an increased intake of chocolate or other sugar foods causes an increase in the production of sebum. And excessive sebum production can lead to causing acne.

Dairy products

Dairy products

However shocking it may sound but it is true that dairy products have harmful effects on skin. Dairy products can cause the skin to breakout. Excessive consumption of dairy products can cause acne and pimples to breakout. Yoghurt has the weakest of effects but its effect cannot be denied altogether.

It is better and safer to avoid foods that are worst for your skin for retaining the youthful glow.

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