Natural and Safe Oily Skin Solutions That Ensure Healthy Skin

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Men and women are equally affected by oily skin, which is why oily skin solutions are helpful to both.

There are a number of oily skin solutions available other than chemical-based face washes of modern times. The natural alternatives are better as they are effective without side-effects. Besides, most of the products for oily skin treatment can be prepared at home.

Appropriate Time

Washing face too frequently removes essential oil from the skin, due to which oil production is increased. People should wash their face once and notice whether they require it again. If, supposedly, oil again accumulates excessively in 8 hours or more then washing the face twice is sufficient. In this way, everyone has to find out the number of times the face wash is required.



Handy wipes of astringent can be carried along in the handbag for quick requirement. They are very good oil absorbents and can become great alternative for lengthy face wash during urgencies.

astringent for face

Citrus Essential Oil

Grapes, lemon, orange and tangerine oil are helpful in the treatment of oily skin. 3 or 4 drops of citrus oil can be added to any of Aloe Vera gel, herbal lotion, skin-toner and witch hazel bases and applied to the skin. It is better to wash face with antibacterial toilet soap before the application of this solution. Evening is the best time for application.

Citrus Essential Oil


Dust and unwanted particles tend to stick to oily skin more than regular skin. Besides, dead skin cells do not shed off the surface due to oil. All of these gradually get clogged in the pores of skin and form blackheads. Apart from blackheads, such accumulation can cause acne too. Therefore, cleansing skin is better than searching for oily skin solutions.



Clay and other natural ingredients that are recommended for oily skin solutions can be applied to the face for a few minutes daily. Such natural ingredients are incredible absorbents of oil.



Skin care and milk do not seem separable. Milk is a natural cleanser but does not completely remove oil. 2 or 3 drops of lavender and sandalwood oil can be mixed with 2 tablespoon of milk and used to clean deep-seated makeup and grime with the help of cotton wool swab. There are several other uses of milk in skin treatment.



Exfoliation is the best among the oily skin solutions. Scrubbing with natural products that are made especially for oily skin is very effective inremoving oil. However, scrubbing more frequently than required may cause the skin to produce more oil to compensate for the loss of essential oil.

Scrubbing with natural products

Wheat Germ Oil

Application of wheat germ oil in massage style is good for the purpose too. It has to be left on the skin surface for an hour before it is washed off. It contains Vitamin E and prevents damage of skin due to environmental pollution or UV rays.

Wheat Germ Oil

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