5 Skin Care Tips After Swimming

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Most of us are aware of the fact that swimming is the best exercise and helps to keep the skin glowing. It certainly blends fun with physical exercise, while contributing to physical care of the body. While it comes with all the positives there are a few things that need to be considered after one gets off the pool. The car can be possible if people follow some of the simple skin care tips after swimming.

Presence of Chlorine

Although chlorine is used to keep the pool clean it can be very harmful for your skin. Exposure to chlorine can make the skin dry and lead to loss of moisture. Hence, every time you swim it would be recommended to take a shower with lukewarm water as well as soap and get rid of the chlorine on your skin.

Apply moisturizers

One of the key skin care tips after swimming and taking the bath would be application of moisturizers. This should be done in good amount especially when the skin is damp. The cream applied would be absorbed quickly and would help in keeping a check on the dryness. Moreover, it would be good if one applies a sunscreen lotion before having a dip in the swimming pool.

Skin Care Tips After Swimming

Apply Banana pack

Banana is believed to be a good cleanser. It would be recommended to apply a banana pack for reducing the dark spots around the face, arms, legs and the neck. After application it should be left to dry after which the surface needs to be rinsed with lukewarm water.

Keep yourself hydrated

It would be among the recommended skin care tips after swimming for keeping your body hydrated. While swimming besides drinking lots of water swimmers may munch in fresh fruits as well as vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C and A. This would give a glow to the body.

Right swimming gear

Besides taking care of things to apply before or after you swim there are things that need to be used while swimming. The right kind of swimming gear needs to be worn which protect the skin and body organs. This includes shower caps which prevent the hair from being damaged, eye gear which protects the eyes from the chemicals in the water, and ear plugs that avoid water from entering the ears.

Take care of your skin

Lastly, one of the important skin care tips after swimming would be taking care of the body. Regular swimming can make the skin look dull and dark if not taken care of. So, besides the ones mentioned above ensure that you are swimming in a clean pool which is maintained on a regular basis. Pool which is not clean and infected could cause real damages to your skin.

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