Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

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The best skincare routine for sensitive skin would ensure that the skin remains healthy and fine at all times. The sensitivity of skin is something that cannot be treated as such, but there are ways in which it can be taken care of and kept healthy.

Avoid using foam on facial skin

People usually go for foam when they consider a fresh and clean look for the face. While foam is not a good option for normal skin, it causes harsher effects on sensitive skins as well. Just because foam causes smooth lather, it does not indicate that it is able to cleanse the skin properly. The presence of foam indicates the presence of surfactants like sulphates are also present in the soap. The surfactants can cause the skin to dry up more and increase the sensitivity of the skin. The pH of the surfactants are eight and above and the normal pH level for the skin is 5.5, they can cause the sensitive skin to breakout and cause irritation. The non-foaming cleansers are good for a gentler wash.

Avoid the use of parabens

In order to ensure a good skincare routine for sensitive skin, the use of parabens should be avoided. The nature and work of parabens should be understood first. These are preservatives that prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria in the skin care products. Parabens can also contain allergens causing rashes and irritation on skins. In fact, those with sensitive skin are more prone to developing skin problems with the use of parabens, than those with normal skin. It is best to look for such skin care products that are free of paraben.

Best Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Avoid using artificial fragrance

All kinds of moisturisers and facial lotions are made with artificial fragrance. The fragrances are made of a number of unknown chemicals and all of them carry the risk of causing allergic reactions especially on sensitive skins. While normal skins can get away with the rashes and irritation caused in a short time, people with sensitive skin may have to bear the effects for a longer period, which can be an entire lifetime. The best way is to look for natural and herbal products that do not contain parabens. And if someone is looking for fragrant creams, essential oils are a good option.

Protect the skin from the sun

While the harmful UV rays from the sun causes damage on normal skins as well, those with sensitive skins need to be wary about the effects. In fact, sun is the most important cause of allergies and sensitivity of the skin. One of the most important sides of skincare routine for sensitive skin is that it should be protected from sun. A sunscreen meant for sensitive skin should be used that has an anti UVB and anti UBA effect.

It is important to prepare a daily skincare routine for sensitive skin so as to keep it healthy at all times.

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