Effective Use of 10 Best Face Masks for Acne

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There are various types of face masks that can be used for treating acne but the 10 best face masks for acne are the ones that are able to maintain the texture and the tightness of the skin along with cleansing skin pores effectively. Face masks for acne are meant to soothe the skin and clear the impurities that can lead to the development of acne on the skin. People can try out the different face masks for the treatment of acne that have been mentioned below in order to get easy riddance from the problem of acne in a very natural manner.

1. Baking soda mask

Baking soda mask

Water and baking soda can be used for this mask that can be applied to the skin for at least twenty minutes. This mask provides clarity to the skin and at the same time also makes the skin feel soft and smooth. This mask is said to work wonders in cleansing the skin of acne if used twice during the week.

2. Egg white mask

Egg white mask

This mask is quite frugal and simple. The only thing that is required to be done in this respect is to separate the yolk and whip the whites of the egg until it transforms into a frothy and soft solution. This solution needs to be applied on the face and kept for twenty minutes to produce great results in treating acne.

3. Mask of egg yolk

Mask of egg yolk

The mask made out of egg yolk can also be considered in treating acne because egg yolk contains vitamin A which is considered to be very healthy for skin.

4. Basil mask

Basil mask

This mask can be made at home by the use of boiling water and basil leaves that are dried. The basil leaves need to be steeped in water and then boiled for twenty minutes. The solution has to cool and then applied on the face with the help of a cotton ball. A mask made out of basil leaves is considered to produce great results among all the best face masks for acne.

5. Sea salt mask

Sea salt mask

Face that is prone to acne can also be washed with sea salt or even table salt along with water mixed with it because sea salt is found to work wonders in treating acne from its very roots.

6. Oatmeal mask

Oatmeal mask

Some oatmeal can be mixed with water and then gently applied on the skin. This mask can be left on the skin for at least fifteen minutes so that it can dry up to produce amazing results in the treatment of acne. The use of this mask is also considered to be very safe and gentle for the skin.

7. Apple and honey mask

Apple and honey mask

One apple can be mixed with honey and then applied on the face to get a smoothening effect for the skin. This mixture works as a moisturizer for the skin and heals acne in a very effective manner.

8. Aspirin mask

Aspirin mask

Breakouts or acne can be treated very well with the use of aspirin mask that is quite affordable. The aspirin tablets need to be crushed and then sprinkled in water. This solution needs to be applied on the skin for fifteen minutes and then rinsed off.

9. Yogurt mask

Yogurt mask

Yogurt mask is a very easy mask that can be made at home by the use of honey and yogurt. Heated honey needs to be mixed with yogurt and then applied on the acne spots that require treatment.

10. Onion and oatmeal mask

Onion and oatmeal mask

This mask is a little complicated among the best face masks for acne but it is found to produce great results in treating acne. Onion puree needs to be made and then added to cooked oatmeal. Some honey can also be added to the mixture so that it appears to be sustainable. Application of this mask can produce better result over time.

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