Oil Cleansing Method to Get Beautiful Glowing Skin

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The basic idea behind oil cleansing method is to use specific combination of natural oils to clean the skin naturally and balance the natural oil contents of the skin. Unlike, traditional facial and soap cleaners, this method keeps the skin much more moisturized and nourished.

Oil Cleansing Method, Glowing Skin

How Does Oil Cleansing Method Work?

The oil cleansing method at first might not seem to be much effective as people using this procedure require an adjustment period which lasts for generally one week during which things can go out of hands. However, once the skin gets used to it, this method causes a detox reaction where impurities are extracted out of the skin. Within three to four weeks people can experience gradual improvement of the skin quality with no blackheads, dry skin or excess oil.

Even though the market is laden with huge range of skin products, some of which are very expensive, it seems as though the most effective solution is quite easy, simple and inexpensive.

The Basic Requirements

To witness the results offered by oil cleansing method, only a few things are required like one clean wash cloth and some natural oils.

Commonly oils like Olive oil and Castor oil are used even though most natural oils can be put to use. Castor oil has antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a powerful healing agent and assists in drawing impurities out of the skin. It is always recommended not to use undiluted Castor oil on skin and add other natural oils in twice amounts to that of Castor oil. People who wish to avoid the use of Castor oil can opt for Hazelnut oil which works equally well. Apart from the safflower, sunflower and coconut oil can also be used for cleaning the skin.

Washing with Oil Cleansing Method

Mixing of the oils depends on the skin type of the person. Provided below is a simple guideline:

  • Balanced skin: Equal blend of carrier oil and Castor oil
  • Oily skin: 1/3 carrier oil with 2/3 Castor oil
  • Dry skin: 2/3 carrier oil with 1/3 Castor oil
  • Good amount of oil needs to be placed on the palm of the hand and then rubbed with both hands for warming it up.
  • Oil needs to be massaged on the face in circular motions.
  • Once the oil has been massaged thoroughly, it can be left for around two minutes. Washcloth soaked in hot water needs to be placed over the face to steam the skin.
  • The washcloth should be kept on the face till it cools down and excess oils need to be wiped away from the face.

Washing Process

The process of following oil cleansing method is quite simple and effective as well. If this simple process can be followed the skin will definitely look clean and radiant.

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