Some of the Winter Skin Care Secrets to Follow

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Winter skin care secrets need to be known by every individual so as to prevent the skin from getting dry, dull, and lifeless. Some people are blessed to be in good skin, while some are not. Here are some of the tips for all skin types to be in a flawless skin this winter.

Moisturize your skin

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While moisturizers are indispensable throughout the year, those needed in the winters are different from the ones used during springs and summers. The skin becomes vulnerable to becoming dehydrated and dry during the winters than during the summers. It needs better and heavy moisturising during the winters. The conditions of skin change with change in weather conditions. Whereas, the requirements are different for different skin types, all types should be nourished with oil based moisturizers. The dry sins would require creams and moisturizers with a greater oil base than normal and oily skins. The idea is to offer the skin a protective layer that resists dehydration of the skin. The oils should, however, be chosen taking care of the skin types and suitability.

Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen

One of the most important winter skin care secrets is to continue using of sunscreens. Most the people keep their sunscreens aside as winters arrive and they are completely mistaken in their concepts. Winter sun can also be damaging for the skin. It is just that the chill in the air does not let the skin feel the heat. The UV rays are as much active in the winters. Moreover, the sunscreen offers protection to the skin from the glare of snow as well. Good amount of sunscreen should be applied on the face and hands and other exposed areas thirty minutes before going out. If it requires staying in the sun for long hours, sunscreen should be applied every three hours.

Good foot creams

Good foot creams

The minty and cool foot lotions are appropriate for the summers. But they would only dry your feet up if used in the winters and dry feet are more vulnerable to lines and cracks. The idea is to use a good foot cream. While most people, especially women, use foot creams before going to bed, it should be applied even before moving out. Applying a good amount of cream on the feet before going out and wearing socks can keep them protected, hydrated, and smooth for a longer period of time. There is one more thing that should be kept in mind, which is to clean up the feet and exfoliate after coming back home.

Do not take superhot showers

superhot showers

The idea of winter skin care secrets is to keep the skin from drying up and taking a lack lustre look during the winters. Taking too hot showers opens the pores on the skin wider to drain off the stored oils and moisturizing elements. This leads to dryness of the skin. The winter skin care secrets help spend a happy winter in a beautiful feeling skin.

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