The Benefits of Using Pearl Powder Mask

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Pearl epitomizes beauty in itself. Being beautiful, it aids in achieving a wonderful skin just like that of a Chinese or a Japanese girl, or a geisha. Offering natural radiance to the skin, pearl powder mask helps in keeping the skin from signs of aging, while helping it remain soft and supple. The link between pearl and beauty has been there since a really long time. Modern science today complies with ancient medics about the benefits of pearl on skin.

Pearl powder mask with milk and honey

Milk needs to be added to pearl powder and made into a paste. Adding some honey should thicken the mixture. However, the mixture should have the pearl powder blended in well so that it does not form uneven masses on face. This mask should be applied evenly on the face and neck and in greater quantities in areas that are pigmented, freckled or spotted. The face should be washed with warm water before applying the mask. The mask should be kept for fifteen or twenty minutes before rinsing off with warm water. The mask helps to increase the whiteness of the skin while reducing the dark spots, pigmentations, and freckles.

Pearl Powder Mask

Pearl powder mixed with yoghurt

A smooth paste is to be prepared by mixing yoghurt and pearl powder. Flour should be added to make a thick paste. The consistency of the mixture can be a little thin. But this is nothing to worry about as it should help in covering the entire face and neck. In case the paste becomes too thick, water can be added to make it thin. The mask should be kept for twenty or thirty minutes before washing it off. This pearl powder mask is a great remedy for dry skin.

Pearl powder mixed with banana

While pearl is in itself a great nourishing agent for skin, when mixed with banana helps to keep away the signs of aging. There are great amounts of vitamins and minerals contained in banana, which when mixed with pearl powder increases the production of collagen in skin. A facial mask made of banana and pearl powder helps in keeping the skin nourished and moisturized, while helping in the retention of the elasticity and firmness of the skin. For the mask, a banana should be mashed and made into a paste after peeling it off. To this, one should add pearl powder, little tea water and butter to make a paste which has to be applied evenly on the face and neck. It needs to be kept for ten to twenty minutes before washing it off with fresh water.
Using the pearl powder mask mixed with appropriate ingredients can really work wonders for skin. It is also recommended to follow the essential steps in the sequence mentioned to get the best results.

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