The Best 5 DIY Tips to Beat Oily Skin This Summer

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Summer is a season that is accompanied with several problems of the skin that are very difficult to be eradicated and it is only because of this reason that the 5 DIY tips to beat oily skin this summer have been detailed over here so that people, especially women would not have to suffer from oily skin this summer. These tips do not require hundreds of dollars to be spent on beating the problems of oily skin but just incorporating these tips can give a glowing skin during summer. The tips have been enlisted as under.

Selecting an oil free foundation

The foundation plays a great role in beating the problem of oily skin and women who do not possess an oil-free foundation should get one because of the quality that these foundations possess. The foundation should always be chosen with extra care and the things that should be noted are whether the foundation is non-comedogenic or not. Non-comedogenic means the foundation would not clog the pores of the skin because this can also lead to acne that can turn into a serious skin disease. The foundation should also be cruelty free in order to give the best results.


Apply food on the face

It is not always useful to apply expensive cosmetics and creams on the face instead packs, masks and spot treatments made out of food in the kitchen can also be used because they have also been known to serve a good purpose in this field. There are various foods that can be used for the treatment of oily skin during summers but the most popular foods are avocado, lemon juice, egg whites and pomegranate. They can be used by mixing some amount of sugar or oats that act as a very good exfoliator for the skin.

Face pack

Follow a routine

A routine should always be practiced for the skin and this routine should work well in getting rid of oily skin that is a main issue among people during summers. A skin care routine must incorporate daily acne wash and moisturizer. Apart from this spot treatment, masks, packs, exfoliating and anti-aging treatments should also be followed on a daily basis. Staying hydrated, exercising and eating healthy food is also a routine that should be followed for healthy skin and body.

Skin care routine

Use masks and packs

Masks and packs made out of several foods can be of great use during the summers because they soothe the skin and beat the oily features of the skin. A mask made out of ripe banana, lemon juice and honey can give outstanding results if applied for fifteen minutes at least once or twice in a week.


Sliced lemon

Sliced lemon is said to be one of the most important of the 5 DIY tips to beat oily skin this summer because it helps in reducing the shine found on the skin due to the oily nature of the skin.

Lemon skin

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