The Top 10 Asian Beauty Secrets

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Asian women are quite famous for the beauty and the elegance that they posses and this beauty is a result of the tips that they follow in their beauty care which has become popular as the top 10 Asian beauty secrets followed by Asian women in caring for their beauty and their glamour. There are certain secrets of Asian women which the other women in the world are not aware of because of which they fail to get a skin and a beauty that can attract the attention of the people. The secrets are as under.

Brushing the skin

Brushing the skin every day with a bristle brush can have great effects on the quality of the skin and it also keeps the skin toned for a very long time. Brushing prepares the skin for taking in the creams and the serums applied on it and this has become a habit among every woman nowadays.

Skin Brushing

Moisturizing the skin

The correct method of moisturizing the skin should be known to women because it helps in proving the nutrition and the glow that is needed by the skin. Slapping on the moisturizer on the face from the chin to the forehead is the proper way of applying the moisturizer so that the skin gets the basic advantages of the moisturizer.


Sun protection

The protection of the skin from the worse effects of the sun is very important that remains one of the most important beauty secrets of Asian women. A sunscreen foundation must be used for the protection of the skin.

sunscreen foundation

Stay hydrated

Water is very essential to the beauty of the skin and therefore it is very important for women to stay hydrated all throughout the day.


Polishing the skin

Polishing, moisturizing and brightening the skin on a daily basis is very important instead of toning and cleansing because it exfoliates the skin and brings about a brightening effect on the skin.


Healthy food

Healthy food is very important for beauty and this can be restored by taking in nutritious, natural and unprocessed food that is considered to be very healthy for the body and also for the skin.

Healthy food for skin

Use oil instead of cleanser

Oil is very good for the skin in place of cleanser because it dissolves with the oil present in the skin while the cleanser, the makeup and the sunscreen melt away.

Oil for skin

Good facial

A good facial is very important to restore the beauty of the skin and this should be done on a regular basis so that the effect stays on the face and the skin for a long span of time.

Good facial

Fish oil

The oils of certain fishes help in reducing inflammation and improving the elasticity of the skin which helps in keeping the beauty of the skin intact and in good condition.

Fish oil

Use of turmeric

Turmeric is known to be the most popular product among the top 10 Asian beauty secrets and this is especially for the skin. Turmeric helps in restoring the quality of the skin and at the same time it removes from the fine lines from the face.


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