Some Popular Skincare Facts That Everybody Should Be Aware Of

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Our skin, especially the face and hands, are prone to get exposed to heat and dust. In the middle of all the buzz surrounding new products, must-have products, anti-ageing treatments and skincare treatments from every corner of the society, it is quite difficult to differentiate between the hype and the reality. Many would be surprised to know some of the basic skincare facts which require minimal care from their end.

Mixing certain kinds of skincare ingredients inactivates them

One may have their science classes all their life, but as far as skincare is concerned, it is a product of advanced chemistry, unexpected reactions, pH imbalance and various other factors. For example, a large number of cosmetic chemists advice not to use products containing alpha hydroxyl acids such as retinol and glycolic acid together. It is because at a pH 5.5-6, retinol is most active, while glycolic acid’s pH is an optimized one at 3.83.

Popular Skincare Facts

Another related problem is using heavier skincare product beneath a lighter one. It is because high concentrations of occlusive agents like mineral oil and petrolatum prevents the lighter serum’s ingredients from reaching the skin effectively. Thereby, most of the dermatologists suggest in applying the lighter product first.

Skincare facts and self-tanning

Self-tanner should never be applied, unless one uses a sunscreen first. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is used as the chief ingredient in most of the self-tanners out there in the market. Once the skin is exposed to the sunlight, DHA causes it to let-out 180% more radicals. Therefore, it calls for applying a sun-protection if in past 24hrs one has used DHA-containing self-tanners.

Eliminating wrinkles

Such a product does not exist in the human-world that eliminates wrinkles. No combination of products or some kind of magic potion can truly remove wrinkles. Staying away from tan and using a well-formulated sunscreen are two best possible things one can do to avoid wrinkles. Wrinkles are the result of inevitable breakdown of the natural support structure of the skin and the cumulative sun damage. Irrespective of who is selling the skincare ingredients and the number of claims they make, those products certainly cannot replace the services of cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

When it comes to taking care of your skin in an effective way, it all comes down to the formula and not the price of the product. The notion that using expensive products can be more fruitful compared to inexpensive ones is completely untrue. There exist both good and bad products in every price range. It all depends on the formula of the product and not its price. An expensive soap is no better than an inexpensive Dove bar soap. Simple irritant-free toners can be as good or maybe in some cases far better than than those that are priced high and come from renowned brands. Spending less does not hurt the skin and spending more does not help it at all.

Makeup and Acne

Popular belief like makeup causes acne is untrue. A lot of women experience acne break-outs after using a particular kind of skincare product. Those breakouts can only be the output of an inflammatory response, random skin reaction, the ingredients being unique to the skin type, etc. The cosmetic industry or a medical research team cannot help one in pointing out to the right direction. Another one of the skincare facts to remember is that that terms like non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic are most of the time questionable.

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