The Secrets of Younger-Looking Skin

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The secrets of younger-looking skin have always remained something of a mystery and tapping on this curiosity, skin care companies all over are trying everything to make people believe that the secret lies in a jar.

Eating chocolate

Several skin care centres and spas make great use of this much loved treat by putting it in their skin care products. This is because cocoa is rich in flavanols and antioxidants that make the skin appear smoother and softer, while giving it a healthy glow.

Applying astringent herbs

Known mainly for their skin-tightening features, it is a secret of younger-looking skin and comes with loads of benefits. Types of astringent herbs include shepard’s purse, witch hazel, plantain and horsetail. These can be directly applied on face and skin which could be used to cure acne and eczema.

Using grape seed extract

Since body produces collagen naturally and keeps the skin firm, it is vital to keep collagen levels on the higher side. But as one gets older, the production process starts decreasing, causing the skin to droop. Grape seed extract increases collagen production naturally and as a bonus, it has silicon which helps to keep the skin healthy and smooth.

Secrets of Younger-Looking Skin

Using keratin protein loaded moisturizer

Nacre or Mother of Pearl contains calcium and conchiolin, is a kind of keratin protein that helps to regenerate collagen in bodies. This is also the exact protein that helps in the growth of nails and hair also.

Using a silk pillow

Cotton pillow cases need to be replaced with silk ones as soon as possible. As it contains copper (this mineral is found in human beings), silk helps in preventing facial wrinkles. It also encourages collagen production.

Eating olives

Olives are rich in squalene which is described to be a “natural facelift”. This remains in skin through the teenage and early adulthood days. Squalene helps in protecting the skin from sun damage and getting dark spots. Unfortunately, squalene amount starts decreasing around the age of 25 years.

Drinking green tea

Containing high levels of polyphenols (antioxidants), another secret of younger-looking skin helps to protect the skin against cell-damaging free radicals. Coupled with antioxidants green tea prevents skin cancer, skin lines and sun spots.

Cutting back salt and sugar

It is something that everyone must look into. Salt and sugar attaches themselves to the body’s collagen and starts breaking them at an alarming rate. Hence, one should cut back salt and sugar as early as possible.


Exercising is certainly a secret of younger-looking skin which promotes skin circulation and increases the quantity of nutrients reaching the skin. Exercising regularly helps in keeping the skin healthy and allows it to feel and look younger. Also, one needs to wash their face immediately right after exercising so as to eliminate salt deposit from sweating.

Choosing the aisle seat

It is highly recommended to choose an aisle seat when travelling by aeroplane. This is because in window seat, the skin gets exposed to an increased quantity of UV radiation because of the higher altitude. Now if there is no such option, then one should liberally apply sunscreen before take-off.

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