The Steps to Follow In the Oil Cleansing Method

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The oil cleansing method has been known for years and it has also been found to produce amazing results for the skin as it helps in providing the nourishment and the moisturization that is needed by the skin in order to get the quality that is desired by many. There are many people who are quite apprehensive about applying oil on the face for the clearance of acne and pimples but there is nothing to be apprehensive about because this method has been known to work wonders for the skin and makes the skin look great with time.

However, this method has to be practiced very carefully putting in the use of the required products for this method because any other procedure might have an adverse effect on the skin and the face and would not be welcomed by many. Things that need to be kept in mind while following this method are described below.

Oil Cleansing Method

Choose the oil carefully

It is very important to choose the oil for the face very carefully because the wrong choice of oil can land you in great problem. Preferably virgin oil or castor oil can be used for this method because they are known to work great for the skin especially the facial skin and can bring about a glowing effect on the skin. It is not important to get the expensive oils for the skin, even the cheap oils would do provided they are good in quality.

Do not use regular olive oil

Extra virgin oil and not regular olive oil should be used for oil cleansing of the face because regular oil is quite thick and it will lead to the breakout of the skin. Many a times it happens that people get confused between these two oils, therefore the selection of the correct oil is very important. Also oil plays a very important role in carrying out this method in a very effective manner.

Idea of other oils

It is also very important to have a clear idea about the other types of oil that can be used in his method in case the oils recommended above are out of stock. The other types of oil that can be used for the skin are sunflower oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil because they are natural oils that help in keeping a balanced effect on the face and at the same time serve as a moisturizer for the face helping the skin from drying out.

Mixing the oil

The proper mixture of the oils to be used in the method is very important. It needs to be carried out properly and has to be either made in an empty bottle or directly on the hand as it does not make much difference. However, it is better to mix the oils in a container so as to avoid any kind of mess.

Application of the oils

The oils should be applied gently on the face and the neck and then a massage should be carried out for at least two minutes in order to let the skin absorb the best qualities of the oil. If the oil cleansing method is followed religiously it can have amazing results for the skin.

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