Various Foods to Eat for Great Skin

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Nowadays people, especially women are looking for anything that is quick and simple for their skin and this is reason why the skin specialists have come out with the norm that there are various foods to eat for great skin that can bring about amazing changes in the quality and in the glorious effect of the skin. A very wrong notion among people is to go for the drugs and the chemicals that can be used for the skin instead of the natural methods available for healing the skin.

Creams and bleaches available for the skin are not very useful because they do not improve the quality of the skin but there are various foods that can be taken on a daily basis in order to provide the skin with the nutrients that it requires. The foods that can be taken for a healthy skin are as follows.


The vitamin C and E content of this fruit make it very effective for the skin because it helps the skin in fighting the effects of aging and at the same time the fat content of avocados is monounsaturated which means that the fruit contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help in improving the quality of the skin.



Berries of all kinds are very advantageous for the skin starting from blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and strawberries, all berries are exceptionally beneficial for the skin. The antioxidant content of berries helps in neutralizing the free radicals of the body which further helps in avoiding the effects of skin aging and the damage of cells. Berries are also great sources of vitamin E, C, fibers and riboflavin that also provide great nutrition to the skin.

Berries Skin

Dark chocolate

The dark chocolates contain high antioxidant content that helps in improving the blood flow in the body and to the skin. Dark chocolate also helps in getting rid of the rough feel of the skin and at the same time it also protects the skin from the damage caused due to sun exposure.

Dark chocolate

Green tea

Green tea is also considered as a health drink because of the various advantages that it provides in improving the quality of the skin. It is a potent antioxidant that can also be used for the treatment of acne and is considered to be healthier than water. The body requires vitamin D, C and K which can be absorbed by the intake of green tea.

Green tea Skin

Fish variants

Fish variants like salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel and sardines are considered to be the best among the various foods to eat for great skin because of the good effect that they have on the quality of the skin mainly because of the fact that they contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are considered to be very essential and quite healthy for the skin. The fatty acids in these fish variant help in decreasing the chances of clogging of the skin and also help in improving the elasticity of the skin.

Fish skin

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