5 Most Common Skin Disorders

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Beautiful skin is quite a bit of concern among the teenagers these days. The skin faces direct sunlight, pollution, infection, sweat and stress. This can result in culminating some negative effects on the skin. Being the largest organ of the body, it provides the first shield against viruses and bacteria. Knowing about the 5 most common skin disorders will definitely help in having a beautiful skin.

1. Acne

As far as the 5 most common skin disorders are concerned, this one rules supreme. The most popular amongst all is acne. Teenagers are the ones who tend to suffer from this most likely, though it is quite prevalent in many adults as well. It is caused through the passage that connects the pores with the oil glands lying under the skin. High levels of stressful situations, sweating and humidity cause acne. The most common acne is whiteheads, blackheads, cystic and nodular acne. Washing and cleaning the skin on a regular basis is useless, as it is very difficult to deal without medical help. An optimal treatment is required and it is highly recommended that one visits a dermatologist, as simple cosmetic products will fail miserably if one tries to do this on their own.

acne skin disorders

2. Eczema

Compared to acne, this condition is long-term and it affects the face, feet, hands and elbows with a dry, itchy skin and rashes. It is believed to be genetic and caused by allergies and hay fever. One experiences a cycle of itch-scratch where it begins with itching and formation of red spots that calls for further scratching the site that results in leaving the skin scaly and dry and hence, the cycle continues. People suffering from eczema are often seen sensitive to woollen clothing, fabric softeners and cold weather. It is considered to be the most dangerous of all because it spreads much faster than any other disorders.

Eczema skin disorders

3. Skin Cancer

The leading cause behind skin cancer is the over-exposure to the ultraviolet light from the sun. Preventive measures mainly include avoiding excessive sunlight and also wearing sun protection. There do exist some other causes that include genetics, infections, smoking etc. Treatment of skin cancer mainly depends on the skin-type, location, the patient’s age and severity. It is always recommended to seek professional help if any kind of abnormality starts occurring on one’s skin.

Skin Cancer

4. Psoriasis

This one shows properties of chronic recurring and requires long-term management and treatment in controlling the spread. Thick patches form with swelling and scaling. Stress, infection, low level of calcium and skin traumas causes this skin disorder. There is no known procedure currently to cure psoriasis, but one should be consulting a dermatologist immediately so to evaluate the treatment options.

psoriasis skin disorder

5. Seborrheic dermatitis

This condition causes the development of waxy and oily patches on the scalp. It is a common disorder among babies that can affect them during the first 6 months after being born. After the symptoms gets cleared up, it is quite rare to appear again before puberty.


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