What Is Causing Your Acne

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A clean and clear face is like a shining pearl. The more the shine of the pearl, the better said of its quality. Similarly, the clearer your face, the better you are internally. Increase in acne could be a pointer to a mishmash of a couple of conditions. Your food habits too undeniably decide the health of your skin. Again, the hormonal imbalance in a growing teen body can’t be ignored. There is also particulate matter that maligns a good healthy skin. Take a look at what is causing your acne.

Look into Your Platter


Spicy foods have tomatoes and peppers that comprise acidic lycopene – an irritant to some skin types as it imbalances the skin’s pH levels triggering acne breakouts. Not just the spicy foods but some skins act differently to dairy or bread too. Observe the pattern when your skin breaks out. Then plan your platter and knock off foods that are the culprits.

Pick at Pore-Clogging Ingredients


Are you using a super-heavy moisturizing agent like the mineral oil? It clogs your pores and breaks your acne out. Another ingredient that clogs pores is the silicone present in cosmetics and other skin care products. Ensure that every skin care product that you use is labeled ‘non-comedogenic’. That indicates that the formula used in makeup or skin care won’t clog your pores. However, if your skin continues to produce zits even after using such a product, it’s time to see your dermatologist, for there could be others ingredients which you could be allergic to.

Havoc Wrecking Hormones


You could be a teen whose hormones are just bubbling and erupting out on your fragile skin or you could be a middle-aged lady fighting the PMS. Hormones can disturb one and all. They are androgens that trigger the skin’s oil glands leading to frequent breakouts around menstruation. A zit along your jawline is indicative of this cause. Some women find respite in over the counter medications; however, a detailed discussion regarding the pros and cons with your doctor is a must.

Work on Your Work Outs


A proper workout leads to sweat that mingles with your makeup, bacteria, dirt and oil. This deadly combo finds a cozy home in your pores, nestling into your warm skin causing pimples. The first thing you need to do before your work out sessions is to wipe your face, neck, chest and back. Then, even if you don’t shower immediately after gym, get another fresh wipe that clears away the sweat and bacteria on your brooding skin thus minimizing the casualty of new rashes popping up.

Inspect Other Products


Sulfates, silicones and heavy moisturizing agents present in your shampoo, hair stylers and conditioner trickle into your pores, blocking them further resulting in pesky zits and chest and back acne. So, tilt your head side-wise when washing hair in shower. Thus such products are kept off your other body parts. After shower, do wash your face to ensure you’re completely clear of any such products.

Never pick at your zits however tempted you may be as you are inviting more redness and possibly a permanent scar. Lastly, stress is never seen but felt on the skin and is known to trigger acne. Take time out of your tight schedule and discover the beautiful you. Your skin is sure to behave what your dream commands.

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