Basal Cell Carcinoma Causes and Prevention

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Basal cell carcinoma is considered as a form of skin cancer that is very common in people. It begins to appear in the basal cell layer which is the lowest layer that the skin is made up of. More than eighty percent of the skin cancers that are detected in people are particularly basal cell cancers. This cancer is not found to grow very fast and it also not found to spread throughout the body. It is not a very serious type of cancer but people should have a clear idea about the basal cell carcinoma causes and prevention because this cancer can turn out to be severe if it is left untreated.

What are the causes of basal cell cancer?

Exposure to the sun

Repeated exposure to the sun can be taken as the major cause of basal cell cancer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are supposed to be very intense and they can even cause skin burns that can turn out to form basal cell cancer. The ears, neck, face, back, scalp and shoulders are the main areas that remain exposed to the sun and therefore these areas can be diagnosed with basal cell cancer.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Causes and Prevention

Skin inflammation and open sores

In some cases the unexposed parts of the body can also form basal cell cancer and therefore conditions of skin inflammation and untreated open sores should always be diagnosed.

Vaccinations and tattoos

Sometimes it is found that people who are fond of tattoos can also develop basal cell cancer because of the fact that the skin gets in touch with harmful chemicals. Vaccinations can also cause this cancer and apart from this, skin scars, burns, complications and infections can also trigger basal cell cancer.

What are the prevention guidelines for basal cell carcinoma?

Look for shade

People should always make it a point to look for some shade so that they can avoid the exposure to the intense ultraviolet rays of the sun. This should especially be done between 11am and 5pm.

Avoid tanning and burning

Ultra violet tanning and burns should be avoided by the use of clothing that would help in covering the areas of the body that remain exposed to the sun and also by the use of sunglasses that help in protecting the eyes.

Make use of sunscreen

A sunscreen that can work well in protecting the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun should be used on a regular basis. It is also important for the sunscreen to be waterproof so that it can resist excessive sweating and can also work while a person enjoys swimming.

Self examination

The skin should be examined from head to toe every month so that any changes in the conditions of the skin can be reported to the doctor and medical advice can be taken on an immediate basis. These are some of the very important basal cell carcinoma causes and prevention that people should have a very clear idea about.

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