Avoid Such Factors That Aggravate the Eczema on Face

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Eczema is a disease on facial skin. This disease has no simple cure but there are a number of medications and treatments available that can help ease the disorder. People that have eczema find the symptoms improving over time. Medicines required for treating eczema on face are of two types. The first consists of emollients and the other is topical corticosteroid. The first is used on dry skin while the other is used for reducing redness and swelling at the time of flare ups. These medicines are also used in such conditions when the eczema has aggravated. The ways and methods of treating eczema of face have been discussed under.

Reducing scratching

Eczema creates an itching sensation on the affected area. However, it should not be scratched as it would aggravate the condition making it ooze out more and the area will thicken. Eczema when scratched is more prone to getting bacterially infected.

However, there can be times when the itching sensation is so high that scratching comes almost spontaneously. For such conditions it is always safe to have shorter nails. In cases of babies affected with atopic eczema, anti scratching mittens prevent them scratching the places. Pinching and tapping skin until the itching sensation is gone can help prevent further damage to the affected area.

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Several items in food can trigger eczema. It is therefore safe to have a consultation with the doctor before bringing any kind of change in diet. Nuts, milk, and eggs can worsen the eczema on face. But, cutting these out from diet chart would not be an advisable option. Consultation with the doctor is of utmost importance in such cases.

Avoiding triggers

It is better to avoid such things that exhibit a tendency to trigger the eczema. There could be no palpable reason and yet the affected person can find the eczema aggravating. It is better and safer to avoid such triggering things. There can be certain things that can act as irritants, such as wool or any other man made things. Contact with such things should strictly be avoided. Heat can often aggravate eczema and therefore keeping the house cool can help to ease the eczema flare up. Detergents and soaps can often carry allergens that can worsen the eczema on face and therefore care should be taken while using such products. Hard water can be another agent helpful in eczema flare up. This can be avoided with the installation of water softener.

Emollients and topical corticosteroids

Emollients are used for dry skin eczema and they make the skin soft and supple while moisturizing it. This will also keep the itchiness away when you have eczema on face. In case of redness and inflammation, topical corticosteroids are prescribed as they reduce the inflammation and redness quickly and have a soothing effect on the affected area.

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