The Itchy Feeling on Head Resulting from Pimples

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The pimples on scalp can be scaly, tender, inflamed, and itchy and appear red in color. The pimples are kind of crusty and are generally filled with some material like pus. These pimples are usually surrounded by greasy or oily skin. On top of that hair loss can take place in the area that is affected with pimple. If the pimples result from seborhheic dermatitis then scaling and red bumps can take place in different body parts like eyelids, nose and ears.

The pimples on scalp are generally caused by the skin condition known as seborhheic dermatitis. This disorder usually occurs because of the yeast malassezia and excess oil production on skin. The things that might trigger this disorder include obesity, alcohol containing lotions, infrequent bathing and stress. The pimples might also appear because of a scalp infection known as folliculitis. This happens when hair follicles are infected by bacteria, virus or fungus after getting damaged.

People who are facing such type of problems need to consult with the doctor immediately and treat the condition with utmost care. If the pimples on scalp seem to be persistent then consultation with the dermatologist is extremely essential. If the infection has reached a severe stage then it is important for the person to wash scalp with anti-bacterial soap at least two times in a day. If there happen to be bumps on the head then shaving the head needs to be avoided. Even though for people with long hair, the problem is not noticeable from outside but it can be extremely irritating and discomforting.

pimples on scalp

There are lots of medications available that can treat these pimples on scalp. Shampoos that are rich in salicylic acid, resorcin, selenium, zinc or coal tar can prove extremely useful in such cases. In case of people with severe cases of pimples on the head, the doctor can even recommend ketoconazole shampoos or corticosteroid for easing the symptoms. If the pimples are taking place because of folliculitis then oral or topical antibiotics can easily take care of the problem. These medications can reduce inflammation or itching and treat the condition effectively.

For painful or chronic bumps that have boil-like structure, the best method to treat is through surgical drainage which not only relieves the pain but increases recovery time too. Shampooing frequently with some mild shampoo helps in removal of oil and dirt from scalp and keeps it free from pimples.

This condition can prove extremely dangerous if the infected person does not take proper care of the situation. Apart from embarrassment, the pimples on scalp can lead to major bacterial or fungal infections. The infections, if developed, can easily travel to the lymph nodes and even the bloodstream of the infected person.

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