Know How to Cure Scabies Naturally

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The term ‘scabies’ has origin in the Latin “scabere” that means ‘to scratch’. It is a skin disease and is infectious in nature. What the disease primarily causes is itching with superficial burrows. Heat and warmth irritate the affected skin and the itchiness increases and the trouble worsens at night. These symptoms are not much common among the elderly. Though there are medicines for the disease, the best way to treat scabies is to treat it naturally. What is more important is that there are no side effects related with the natural methods. Here are some solutions on how to cure scabies naturally.

Fresh juice extracted from apricot can work wonders for the scabies affected skin. This fresh juice is to be squeezed out and applied on lesions of scabies.

How to Cure Scabies

Neem is highly antiseptic and one of the best curatives of skin diseases. The leaves from the Neem tree should be made into a paste. This should then be mixed with turmeric powder and the mixture should be blended well with mustard oil. This paste should be applied gently on the scabies affected area and left for sixty minutes. Neem is one of the evergreen trees found in many parts of the world. The bark of this tree can well be used in the form of a tonic while the seeds can be used for aromatic purposes.

The dehydrated bark of Ficus religiosa (Peepal tree) can be crushed into powdered form. Following this, the powered should be strained with sieve. This powder thus obtained can be used on the infected area as a dusting powder.

Sitting and pondering on how to cure scabies would not help cure the disease. The treatment calls for immediacy. Drumsticks have very good healing properties for scabies. 500mg drumstick can be made into juice and to this should be added an equivalent amount of sesame oil. The mixture should be boiled till the water dries up. This should then be refrigerated before being applied on lesions of scabies. It has strong anti microbial properties.

Scabies can be quite easily taken off by visiting a sauna. This skin disease is caused by certain kind of mites and the heat from sauna destroys the mites. However, this is a time taking process, it would be better and the mites would die soon if eucalyptus and orange oil is added to the sauna.

Another effective remedy can be that of the turmeric powder mix. The turmeric powder can be used along with little amount of Margosa oil. The oil has very good properties and is a good pesticide. Turmeric powder has anti bacterial and anti septic properties which is therefore good for skin. The mixture should be applied over the affected area. These tips on how to cure scabies can help cure the disease naturally.

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