Appearance, Causes and Treatment of Plantar Warts

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Children are most vulnerable to plantar warts, although it occurs to everyone at some point of time in life. Certain viral infection on the epidermis leads to non-cancerous skin growth called warts. Palmer warts, plantar warts, genital warts, etc. are caused by different strains of HPV. Warts are harmless and eventually get healed in about a couple of years. Irritation or pain due to warts depends upon the location of their occurrence.


Warts are generally but necessarily small in size, which is about the flat end of a pencil. When warts grow in clusters they are called mosaic warts. Corns or Calluses can be mistaken for warts due to similarity, at times. Appearance of little black dots on warts is not rare and such warts are called seed warts. In fact, the black spots are minute ends of thin blood vessels that may grow up to warts. Formation of seeds or similar mass is not found in warts. Plantar warts do not project outwards mainly due to the pressure exerted while standing or walking.

treatment of plantar warts in children


Warts spread with direct as well as indirect physical contacts. Plantar warts mostly spread through indirect contact. When a normal person uses surfaces of footwear, floor, sheets, etc. that have came in contact with warts of an infected person, the virus gets transmitted. Though people with weak immunity are more susceptible to warts than those with strong immunity, it may develop on the latter too.


Warts do eventually get healed without treatment. However, it may take more or less than a couple of years, which is certainly a long time. Various forms of treatment are there in case of irritation or difficulty.

  • Warts can be covered with small strip of duct tape for about a week. Then the strip has to be removed and the wart has to be soaked in water. They can also be removed through debridement or with the help of an Emory board or pumice stone at last. The entire procedure may have to be repeated several times to get rid of warts, which may take a course of a few months.
  • Commercially available wart removers are good bet. However, they are effective only 50% of the times.
  • Doctors either freeze off the wart or remove it with lasers or through surgery. Application or injection of medicines is done to strengthen the immunity to eliminate the virus from the body.

Treatment of plantar warts takes longer time than that of palmer warts. In anyway, the treatment is not permanent. If warts are neither painful nor disturbing, they can be left to heal naturally as even treatment take few weeks to few months of time.

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