10 Quick Fixes for Summer Skin Problems

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Summer season is a season that is usually marked with a lot of skin problems such as uneven skin tone, rashes due to heat, pimples, acne, and pigmentation, dehydration of facial skin, itching and various other problems related to the skin that can hamper any sort of movement in the sun. There are 10 quick fixes for summer skin problems that can be used in order to get rid of various problems of the skin during the summers. They have been mentioned below.

1. Alum crystal

Alum crystal

Alum crystal is very helpful in fixing the dark areas of the body and lightening the complexion by helping with the procedure of sloughing off dead cells of the skin.

2. Papaya


Ripe papaya can be used along with honey as a massage for the skin as papaya has anti aging ingredients and also has the ability to fight off various problems of the skin during summers. It also helps in keeping skin hydrated during the summers.

3. Vitamin E oil and lemon juice

Lemon slices

Vitamin E oil is needed by skin to keep the cells and tissues of skin hydrated while lemon juice helps in renewing the tissues of dermis.

4. Moisturizer


A moisturizer containing natural ingredients like extrapone and phytessence can be used for keeping the skin rejuvenated and glowing during summers and at the same time a moisturizer also acts as a quick fix for the problem of dry skin during summers.

5. Use cheek stains

Use cheek stains

Cheek stains should be used instead of a cream blush because cream blush tends to melt due to excess heat and a powder blush can serve to be very dusty during the summers. The cheek stains are liquid based and therefore they do not slide down or smear.

6. Proper pedicure and manicure

manicure and pedicure

The skin on arms and the legs can be taken care of by investing some money in getting proper pedicure and manicure for arms and legs.

7. Clay masks

Clay masks

There are a lot of people who suffer from oily skin. Such people should use clay masks that can draw out impurities of skin and make it glowing and shining during summers.

8. Light makeup

Light makeup

In order to keep the facial skin in good condition, it is very important to go for light makeup during summers. Tinted moisturizers can be used instead of heavy foundations which serve as one example of using light makeup on the face.

9. Plenty of water

Plenty of water

Water should always be handy in order to avoid conditions of dehydration that can make the skin dry and hard to manage.

10. Good food

Good food

Food should be taken very carefully during the summers and the best thing to do is to take cool foods during summers that can help in keeping the body cool and eventually help in getting rid of various skin problems that people suffer from during the summer season. It is always essential to have healthy food for healthy skin and his serves as the best fix among the 10 quick fixes for summer skin problems.

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