The Causes and Treatment of Blackheads

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The initial stage of acnes is blackheads. Acne and blackheads generally occur when a person reaches puberty when hormone levels in the body increase and ultimately reach the skin. Oily substances are produced resulting from the stimulation of sebaceous glands. As a result, the oil which is produced gets accumulated in the pores and when exposed to air becomes black in color. This problem can occur in any person however, over production of oil mainly causes blackheads. As DHT levels increase, activity in oil glands increases and the excess oil produced clogs the pores.

It is extremely important for people to wash their skin properly so as to reduce chances of developing any blackheads. People attaining the age of puberty need to take proper care of their skin and wash the skin thoroughly. If the skin is not cleaned properly then chances of dead skin cells building up increases drastically. Clogging of pore opening takes place and leads to development of blackheads.

Even some people are of the opinion that some type of foods might cause acne or blackheads but this is not totally true. Even though there happens to be a link between acne and dairy products, it is not that significant. Anxiety and stress make people pick their acne and blackheads which worsen them further. In other words, the actions that result from anxiety and stress can complicate the symptoms to a great extent.


There are different types of treatment options available for treating acne and blackheads. Hormonal treatments include the use of different contraceptives that can bring positive results. Cleaning the face with some good cleanser containing salicylic acid is extremely important for people with oily skin. Medications like Differin, Adapalene are used for the treatment of moderate blackheads and acne. Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light or sunlight causes the skin to peel and helps in unblocking of the pores.

However, care needs to be taken to make sure that the situation is discussed with the doctor as over exposure might develop skin cancer or burn the skin. If the hair is greasy then infection can spread quickly if it happens to touch the face. One of the latest developments in the field of skin treatment is the harnessing of some virus that treats blackheads and acnes in a natural way.

There are different types of home remedies available that can effectively treat blackheads. Water and baking soda mixed with sugar and lemon juice can be applied on the affected areas and scrubbed gently to get rid of blackheads and acnes. Harsh cleansers should always be avoided and proper treatment and care is all that is required to treat these unwanted blackheads.

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