Know How to Treat Ringworm

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Treatment of ringworm is not a very big issue. However, due to lack awareness among people, various rumours regarding it are heard and read. There are numerous medicines available along with adequate information on how to treat ringworm through the Internet or medical journals.

Earlier, due to its peculiar circular shape, people thought ringworm is caused by some kind of worms. However, research has established that it is not because of any worm but fungus, which infects the skin and causes circular rashes. This kind of infection is more common in hot and humid regions than cool or dry areas. Besides, body-parts that generally remain moist for longer period, such as under the arms, groin, etc., are more prone to ringworms that open and dry parts. Now, that the causes are known, details on how to treat ringworm can be better understood.


Ringworm is extremely contagious and can spread from one body to another. Humans or animals that are not infected can contract the infection if they come in contact with those who bear this infection. Typically, ringworm appears like reddish ring of lesion and is very itchy. People often injure themselves when they scratch the rash unintentionally due to its itch. Indeed, that makes how to treat ringworm a serious question.

Before the treatment, it is important to consider the part of the body where the lesion has appeared. A master treatment cannot be applied to any part of the body. The fact is that there are various options available for the treatment of ringworms. Therefore, it is quite logical to consider the area where it has appeared so that the method that is best for that part can be implemented. Ringworms that are caused on or around groin region are called Jock itch.

They must be recognised early and treated. Else, the infection may spread to genitals, creases of buttocks, etc. Although the effects are only itch and burn, the sensation can be too much to cope within those regions. Athlete’s Foot is another type that occurs on the foot or particularly around toes. It may be contracted while taking shower together in locker room, wearing other’s shoes, etc.

There are anti-fungal creams that can be purchased at any pharmacy for topical application. These topical creams are the simplest ways for treating ringworm. Generally, the infection takes 1-3 weeks to heal. The application should be regular without missing until it is completely healed. If the symptoms persist beyond 4 weeks, a certified physician must be consulted. The general treatment prescribed by doctors on how to treat ringworm is in the form of antibiotic pills that heal the anti-fungal-resistant micro-organisms within the body.

There are quite a few suggestions on treating ringworm that can be found from our grandma’s time. However, they are not scientifically proven and the safer bet is to avoid them.

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