Simple and Useful Home Remedies for Scars

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Irrespective of their size and nature, scars give a steady headache to anyone who has them on their face or any visible part of their body. A single scar is enough to ruin the entire beauty of a face and they may be anything ranging from acne marks to scars caused due to some accidents or hazards. But the result is the same. They stand as examples to what happened to a face in the past and would make everyone who sees a face to concentrate more on them rather than their looks. While plastic surgery is an expensive and risky method to get rid of scars, there are some useful home remedies for scare which would almost give the same effect.

Fenugreek for acne scars

Fenugreek seeds would work as a magic on the scars, especially if the scars are caused due to acne. All you have to do is to boil the fenugreek seeds in water for a few minutes and then remove the seeds from the mixture after the solution gets cooled and then apply it on the spots of scars. Doing this remedy for a week without fail would give visible results in lightening the scar.

Home Remedies for Scars


Neem is considered to be one of the rare plants whose leaves are used to cure almost many daily problems. Ancient Indian medicines used to have neem extracts in everything that are used to detoxify a body and the leaves are considered to be best for deactivating the acne cells and bacteria that causes several skin problems like ringworm. To lighten the scars, neem leaf can be directly placed on them or neem and turmeric powder can be made into a paste and applied to the affected area.


Aloe Vera is also considered to be one of the best remedies for skin problems and scars. Aloe Vera leaf has to be washed and the jelly has to be taken out with the help of a knife or any sharp object and the gel has to be applied to the scarred area and has to be left for nearly half an hour and then washed off. This procedure can be followed daily until the scar gets lightened.


Along with the property to reduce weight gain, cucumber also has the ability to reduce scars if applied on skin. A fresh cucumber has to be made into slices and it has to be put on the affected area and then left for a while to let the juice do the work. It has to be taken off and the face has to be washed. For better results this can be applied daily.

Sandal wood and rose water

A mixture of sandal wood – which has the capacity of cooling – and rose water has to be made freshly and applied to the face. This pack has to be completely dried before rinsing it off. This face pack can be applied twice or thrice a week for better results.

Olive Oil

Another simple yet effective scar removal treatment at home is using the olive oil. It helps in keeping the skin moisturized and is rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin. It also makes the skin soft and helps in removing skin scars. Extra-virgin olive oil is best if you want the results to be quick. Apply it daily for better results.


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