The Advantageous 12 Tips for Tattoo Removal

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A tattoo is mostly an object of whim and whims don’t last that long. So wanting to remove a tattoo desperately is not an unusual occasion. It is common enough and can be dealt with comfort provided the following 12 tips for tattoo removal are kept etched in the mind.

1. Laser therapy

Using the laser to scatter the tattoo into bits which by processes of the lymph in the blood will be excreted out of the system is the commonest tattoo removal way.

2. Surgery

Subjecting the tattoo to surgery such that the skin containing it is removed and the rest is sewn together is another widely opted procedure.

3. Fading creams

Tattoos which are small and are not very bright or dark coloured can be removed through by applying fading creams regularly.

4. Manipulation

The tattoo can always be manipulated by additional designs and/or colours to meet the current fancy of the person.

5. Dermabrasion

This process smoothes the skin containing the tattoo (the new skin in the making over it) and is the quickest of all remedial options. But it comes at the cost of leaving behind a scar.

6. Older the better

Older the tattoo, easier it is to remove because colours fade over time.

7. Colour

The colours of one’s skin as well as the colours used in the tattoo go on to decide the removal of it. Fair skin is preferable to demean the effect of the pigment change that removal leaves. And fewer the colours used in the tattoo the better. Black and green are the easiest to remove, while purple and yellow are the hardest.

Tips for Tattoo Removal

8. Part of the body

The part of the body containing the tattoo matters too. Tattoos on fleshy areas are removed easily while those on the bony areas are removed with difficulty.

9. The cost

Different removal procedures cost different. Abrasion processes cost the least while laser is the most expensive. Excision costs an intermediate between the two. Cost is often dependent also on the size of the tattoo.

10. Home remedies

Home remedies should not be neglected. They cost almost nothing and are the safest. A ‘salt treatment’ involves rubbing salt and oil on the tattooed area daily till the tattoo fades away. It takes patience and should be done under precautions like regularly applying antiseptic to the area and covering it with disinfected gauges. Similarly, other home remedies should be tried with proper guidance.

11. Health attention

The health of the individual should be attended to. Certain treatments come with health specifications, for example the laser therapy is reserved for people with good immunity. Likewise, some other treatments cause extreme allergy. The conditions of remedies should be noted before their implementation.

12. Testing

Whatever removal technique is chosen – it should first be tried upon a small fragment of the skin and then with the assurance of benefit should be tried on the entire tattoo. The above are the 12 tips for tattoo removal. They should necessarily be considered for after all, tattoo removal is nothing short of a minor skin surgery; it deserves attention and care.

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