The Importance of Skin Exfoliation

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The importance of skin exfoliation lies in the fact that it is a process through which the skin gets rid of its dead cells and gives way to the growth of new cells on the skin that would make the skin appear glowing and glamorous. Dead cells appear on the skin with aging and this can be effectively avoided by making use of the exfoliation method that is helpful in building up new cells on the skin or on the bottom layer of the epidermis and then migrating to the surface of the skin where it enables the dead cells to fall off and die.

The dead cells make the skin look dry and dull and therefore exfoliation is advisable for aging men and women who would like to get back the glow and the youth of their face with time. The process of exfoliation enables the skin to get rid of the dead cells so that the skin can make new cells quickly. This is a process that can be practiced chemically, enzymatically or mechanically. However the importance or the benefits of the exfoliation can be discussed as under:

Importance of Skin Exfoliation

Scrubs the skin

This is done through mechanical exfoliation which is also known as scrubs. The dead cells of the skin are swept off through physical force and the small granules are manually moved onto the surface of the skin. In this regard it is very important to choose the scrub carefully because ending up choosing the incorrect scrub can have adverse effects on the skin. Only quality scrubs should be chosen for the skin because most of the scrubs are very harsh for sensitive and aging skin.

Breaks down the dead cells

The breaking down of the dead cells takes place by the use of proteolytic enzymes that are gained from pineapple and papaya. These enzymes help in breaking down the dead cells of the skin and give a glowing effect to the skin that makes way for the new cells on the skin. It is highly recommended for people who are aging or for those who have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate the physical friction and rubbing. This is a method that is generally practiced for matured skin.

Loosening the dead cells

The method of loosening the dead cells of the skin by the use of hydroxy acids is done through chemical exfoliation. Here the hydroxy acid is used in loosening the glue-like substance found on the dead cells of the skin. This is also a very effective method but can have adverse effects on the skin like redness, irritation and sensitivity to light. This method helps in getting rid of the dead cells immediately but then the skin is left dry and flaky.

Repairs the skin

The products that are used in exfoliation repair the skin by removing the dead cells. They are not meant to change the quality of the skin and to give the skin some other softness and smoothness.

Nourishes the skin

The renewed skin that is a result of the exfoliation gets proper nourishment and nutrition through the products that are used in the process of exfoliation. This is the importance of skin exfoliation that can bring about amazing changes in the skin.

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